Workflow Customization

Personnalisation du flux de travail

Customize the developments according to the needs of a specific industry, support the scenario customizations, model customizations and other needs customizations to meet the workflow requirements.
Skills Training

Formation professionnelle

Learn the basic UAV operation skills and control drones to explore different flight environments.
Power Line Inspection

Inspection des lignes électriques

Learn the uav inspection and image shooting process of towers and substations of different voltage levels, to provide efficient guarantee for the power system construction, operation and maintenance and other work.
UAV Mapping

Cartographie des drones

Learn various surveying and UAV mapping training tasks, and realize the simulation  of the whole process of surveying and mapping application.  
Agricultural Plant Protection

Protection des végétaux agricoles

Learn manual flight and automatic flight, which helps agricultural practitioners to quickly master the operation process and quickly enter the practical application.  
Search and Rescue

Recherche et sauvetage

Learn and practice personnel search, fixed-point throwing and other training tasks, master the application skills and operation skills required for security through different task Settings.
Free Flight

Vol libre

Freely explore different experiences brought by different environments and flight methods, accumulate flight experience.

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